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The nude human body in all it's beauty

Welcome to a Brave Nude World. Where the diverse beauty of the nude human body meets the inimitable sensuality of fine art watercolor paintings.

Get your own personal nude artwork. A great gift too. For birthday, wedding, anniverssaries, your Valentine or just for yourself. You can also order prints of current nude artworks on paper and canvas in my shop.


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A wide range of different nude artworks can be viewed and ordered at my webshop For special purposes or formats differing from the offered ones please reach out.

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The most personal gift is you and the beauty you are. That is, what Brave Nude World is all about: The sensual art of the nude human body. What about owning a very personal fine nude watercolor artwork of yourself – or gifting that to a loved person? Let's do this: In an open approach you and me work on your own personal nude artwork.

Some key points:

  • 100% professional discreetion guaranteed
  • Handpainted watercolor picture at 30 x 40 cm (11.8 x 15.7 Inches).
  • Larger (or smaller) formats are possible on request.
  • No posing required, drawn from a photo reference you provide
  • Just €240 with free shipping in the EU (+10 € worldwide)*

But!? … You probably have some questions …

The experience shows: Before booking this comission you got some questions on your mind. That's expected. So please take a look into the FAQ linked below or contact me with any question. Alright? Let’s talk about your ideas ...

Hi, it's me, Markus.

Born in 1971 and self educated I today live with my family - my wife and two girls - in the German city of Bielefeld. Where I run a webdevelopment and design agency. Apart from that I am totally in everything else creative from writing through digital media and especially drawing. That is why I call myself a „Creative Entrepeneur“. Brave Nude World is in everything my „heart project“ in which I find ease and enjoyment from the day to day hustles. Seeing it this way, your feedback and love mean the world to me. I can't wait to talk to you.

Markus Freise Bielefeld

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